Friday's Image has been a part of the Medicine Hat community for over 30 years

We strive to take part in as many community initiatives and events as possible. As such, we contribute to a wide variety of organizations and causes. Below is a selection of organizations that we Support


  • Free The Girls: 

This one is a major cause for us. We are a drop off location for Free The Girls, and we collect any and all bras (this includes used bras!) which are then sent overseas to help remove women from the cycle of human trafficking. 

to learn more and to see what a little support can do, visit


A Friday's Image fundraiser in support of breast cancer -- the proceeds of the event are donated to the Margery E. Yuill Cancer Center. The event incorporates our line of Makeup, UsGirls Cosmetics, and those who have been impacted by cancer.  














  • Medicine Hat Chalk Art Festival

  • bustin' loose - race to end breast cancer

  • Medicine Hat womens shelte

  • chili cook off

  • kinsmen draw

  • kinettes

  • corona santa clause fund auction

  • ducks unlimited

  • pheasants are forever

  • policemans ball

& So many other fantastic organizations!