After effects of cancer treatments can take a damaging toll on your confidence and control over your appearance.  At Friday's Image, we have professional makeup artisis on staff to address all of your concerns you may have regarding the loss of eyebrows or eyelashes. Our UsGirls Cosmetics is a professional  line of makeup; sophisticated in its quality, performance, and colour, and presentation. The mineral powders are soothing to skin and do not contain any parabens or talc. The line is gluten free, has no sensitizers, and is allergy testes, making it perfect for sensitive skin! 

We offer one-on-one makeup lessons to teach you the skills you need to feel confident and beautiful.

Direct Billing for prostheses

You must bring in your Alberta Health Card with you to qualify. Aids to Alberta Daily Living (AADL) provides financial assistance for breast prostheses due to surgical removal of breast tissue or unilateral absence of growth. 

You are eligible for a new breast form every 3 years. If you want an upgraded breast form, you are responsible for paying the cost above AADL's maximum covered price. If you are not eligible for a cost share exemption, AADL will pay 75% of the covered maximum amount. 

Keep your receipt, as you may qualify through your private insurance for the remainder of the cost. 

certified fitters

Friday's Image employs certified prostheses fitters who are more than able to assist you with your unique needs. Our fitters will determine your eligibility for the program and will bill AADL directly. 



A woman's progression of needs

1. Before surgery and immediately after

  • You will need a post-operative camisole with drainage management for ease, comfort, and healing. 
  • You can insert a fiber-filled leisure form. This will give you shape while you are healing.

2. Less than 6 weeks after surgery

  • A soft leisure bra with front closure for comfort, continued healing and easing back into regular activities. 
  • foam-weighted leisure forms or a Priform are ideal at this stage.

3. More than 6-8 weeks after surgery

  • You need a mastectomy bra that fits your lifestyle. 
  • Now is the time for a prostheses fitting. With our expert certified fitters, you will find the breast form that best fits your body and lifestyle for a natural, confident look.