Shape Wear: Letting you be comfortable in your skin

We always say, shape wear is like shoes; you can have a different pair for every outfit! 

Let us help you build the foundations of your wardrobe. Our experts can suggest different products and style for every occasion. If you have a specific outfit and you are looking to find the perfect piece of shape wear, we always suggest bringing it with you to try on different options. Try before you buy!


1-peice suit - Best For:

Any outfit that has straps! This no brainer 1-piece is an all inclusive solution -- no slipping, sliding or slouching! Straps hold in place while low bust design lets you wear your favorite bra underneath -- we affectionately call this the "dolphin suit" because it makes you totally smooth like a dolphin! Stop by the store to try one on today!

Spanx, sizes S-3XL, Available in Nude and Black


Bustier - Best for:

Special occasions, such as weddings, when you want to look your very best! the firm construction cinches you in and magic lifting cups give your girls a boost. We can hear wedding bells!

Va Bien, 32-42 C-DDD. Available in Nude, White, and Black. 


Classic Spanx - Best for:

When you just need to smooth out a couple of lumps or bumps! Great for every day wear, or for a strapless or low back outfit. We have a few different leg lengths and rises, choose the best for you!

Spanx, Size S-XL, available in nude and black.

So many styles and price points available in store

See you in the fitting room!