everything you ever wanted to know about bras,

but couldn't ask



What is a bra fitting and what can i expect?

At Friday's Image, a bra fitting is key to purchasing the right bra for you. 
It can take anywhere from 10-30 minutes, and our bra fit stylists or "braristas" are always listening to you and will bring all options that suit your individual needs. 

The process consists of you and a professional fitter, one measurement, and voila! The fitter will bring you a few bras to try on, determining your bra zone. Every bra fits a little differently, so it is important that you try on each bra you are considering to ensure a perfect fit. The bra stylist will offer advice and adjust the size if needed, and make sure the straps are the correct length for you. 

Be honest with your fitter to make sure that they are able to make you as comfortable and happy as possible. If you have questions, just ask! Bras are complicated, believe it or not, and our staff is trained to take the guesswork out of it for you!

Our trained bra fitting staff really care about our clients and are dedicated to finding YOU the perfect bra!


HOW OFTEN SHOULD I have a bra fitting?

It's never a bad idea to have a fitting! Our bodies are constantly changing and you are never guaranteed to be the same size, and certainly not the same size in every bra. Every time you buy a bra, it's a good idea to have a fitting. 


What are the signs that my bra does not fit properly?

The truth is, most women are wearing the wrong bra. It is common to compensate for cup size by increasing the band. if you are unhappy, uncomfortable, or not completely happy with your underwear, it's time for a change! Here are some signs you're bra needs to retire:

  • You hate wearing it
  • You don't feel good when you wear it
  • The underwire is hurting you, or digs into the armpit
  • The middle pulls away from the chest, or the bra lifts when you raise your arms
  • You breast does not properly fit in the cup and "spills over"
  • Your shoulders hurt or you have headaches 
  • Straps are always falling off your shoulders
  • The band rides up your back
  • You don't feel lifted and supported

Bras do go through a lot of wear and tear, especially if not properly cared for (hand wash in cold water, no dryer!). Every bra will eventually stretch out and will need to be replaced. 


What can the right bra do for me?

  • Smooths, uplifts, supports and flatters!
  • Proper support from the band takes the pressure off the straps and the shoulders, reducing pain
  • Bra stays put when you move -- no falling out the bottom or constant tugging
  • Make you look larger or smaller, depending on your preference 
  • Slims your figure! brings the chest forward to enhance the waist! 10 lbs lighter instantly!

why is it possible to be a different size in every bra?

  • All manufacturers use different patterns, and the style of the bra can have a lot of influence on the fit
  • Material and construction of the bra -- bras made of stretchy lace fit differently than some more rigid synthetic fibers
  • International sizing -- Different countries have different sizing standards, and adapt their styles as such
  • It is important to try on every bra you consider purchasing, as even bras from the same brand fit differently depending on the style

If this seems complicated, it is! That's why we love to help you through each shopping experience by helping you through the entire fitting, and sort through the store to bring you options! We know our stuff!